Photography 101 – Day 5: Solitude

Day five of Photography 101 is Solitude and working with the rule of thirds. Some days at work are slow. Therefore, I sit on a stool (or five gallon bucket) and prop my feet on my 5 gallon wash bucket. WP_001125.jpg


Photography 101 Day 4: Bliss


How could you not love that face?

This is my adopted stray, Houdini. I’ve had her for about 8 years now and she’s always just the happiest little lady. She’s usually jumping all over the place and the only reason she’s just standing for this picture is because we’d just walked a mile!

Photo 101 Day 1: Home

I decided to try to get myself back into the swing of blogging by signing up for Photography 101. Today’s theme is home. I’ve already written about Home in one of my Writing 101 assignments and you may feel free to read it if you want to know my feelings on home. But this is just Photography 101 so here home for me. It’s new and still doesn’t feel like “home” but here’s hoping it will soon.

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