Who wrote this?


Hello there! Welcome to my little slice of the internet. My name is Lacie and I’m a quarter-lifer from Georgia. I’m an introvert who uses my blog as a way to get some social interaction without having to see the face to face judgement of those around me.

I love nature and hiking, and thanks to my parents, I have quite the sense of wanderlust. I devour books like no one’s business. I can cook a mean chocolate pie, sew a quilt for a new baby, fix most basic car problems, and listen to your issues like your teddy bear.

In short, I am a complex person and I have, much like my blog, quite the list of interests. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and they are all important. This is my story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad, but it is mine, and it is true.

Welcome to See You Starside.

Many people have commented and asked me about my blog name, See You Starside. There really is no short or easy answer to this, but then again, is there ever? I will do my best to explain it.

I was raised in a place with no close neighbors. Light pollution was never a problem and I’ve always been able to see the stars at night and I’ve always loved them. I’ve always found them very peaceful. I used to just lay in the grass and stare at them for as long as I could without getting in trouble. There is just something deeply fascinating about feeling so close to something that is really so very far away.

But mostly, I have always had a tendency to gravitate towards certain phrases or poems or quotes. Sometimes there isn’t always a good reason to explain why they just resonate with my heart strings, but they do. This phrase was one of them. I have always been a fan of Bungie’s Halo game franchise. The first one came out when I was ten years old. It was a great game and holds a lot of fond memories of me, my brother, and our cousins. The franchise kept going, and my boyfriend and I spent many hours playing Halo Reach together. When Bungie finally said good bye to the Halo series (thanks to 343 and microsoft), they wrote a really heart felt letter to the fans and teased about the studio going “dark” while they developed a completely new franchise. They left off with a phrase about a single strand of light (much like a star) keeping the fans together and reminding us what drew us together. That we would look to the skies and find hope. The last phrase was “see you starside”.

Something about that phrase and the fact I’ve always loved the moon and stars just rattled around in my brain for a long time. When I decided to start a new blog ( my last one was a xanga. Yep, xanga.) I just couldn’t get that phrase out of my head for the title. It just seems to encompass how I feel about things. Stars are just there. They don’t need you to notice them to shine, they just light the night anyways.  For me, star gazing has always been about internal reflection and a time for thinking, which is a good representative of my blogging style.

Thank you for all your interest, and I’ll see you starside.


18 thoughts on “Who wrote this?

  1. Hi. Enjoying about you and your interests. When you said you make grilled cheese sandwiches, it made me think of Stephanie Plum, the heroine in Janet Evanovitch’s books. 50 years ago my bike was a Norton 750 Commando that was great to ride. Came off a bike, broke my collar bone and my confidence and have not ridden since 1972.

    I look forward to the blogging 101.

    Cheers, Bill


    • I haven’t read any of her books, but I am interested in looking them up now. Thank you, learning to make them is one of my fondest early memories. My dad was hit on his Kawasaki Voyager about 14 years ago. He got right back on it and his love and confidence in bikes has inspired me to get my own. He, unfortunately had to quit riding about 3 years ago, when his kidneys started failing and he began dialysis.
      I look forward to the class as well.
      Thanks, Lacie


    • That’s a good question! I may just dedicate a blog post to that soon, as it’s a bit of a long story. One, I have always loved stars on a clear night. I grew up in the country with no close neighbors and no light pollution, so I’ve always been able to see the stars. I also think of it a little as like, people die, but maybe (like many cultures believe) they or their spirit turn into stars and they keep watch. I’ve also always liked how the stars have been used for guidance by sailors at night. But the phrase itself, “See You Starside” comes from Bungie ( a game development company)’s good bye to the Halo franchise. Their first game came out when I was ten, so playing their games has been a large part of my life. When they said goodbye to it for good, see you starside was in their letter and I fell in love with it.


  2. Howdy neighbor here and in real life ( just down highway 53 🙂 )…….I like how you put the Who wrote this? That is a nice take on the whole about me thing. I hate writing the about me, didn’t change mine yet. I also have found the blogging good for my introverted-ness.. I think I just made up that word. Also, like the Find me in other universes for your social media. I have found lots of us introvert can stand social media because well, we can walk away from it by pushing a button to go away from the brain drain, people can be a drain, I think from reading your other post you will understand what I mean. Be back for more, I like the variety of your blog.

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    • We are certainly neighbors! I grew up out at 411 and 136, but now I live on hwy 41! 🙂 Thank you! It took me a little to work out the who wrote this, but I feel like that’s what I ask myself when I read a blog and want to know more about who’s behind it. I hate writing about myself as well and I’m still not quite thrilled with that one yet, but like us in real like, the about us on our blogs can change as often as we do. The social media one was a push for me with this Blogging 101 course. I felt like I wanted to tie it to my blog more than just “find me on facebook” lol. Social media is definitely easier for introverts. We can take as much of a break from people as we need to, and even just put our thoughts out there and feel comfortable and alone, even though it’s all very public. I understand about people being a drain. My boyfriend doesn’t quite get it, as he is quite the social butterfly. But it physically and mentally wears me out being around others, even close friends, all the time. My attempt to change that was starting an Origami owl business. I have hoped that wanting to help others tell their stories with beautiful lockets will surpass my love of being introverted. I haven’t really hosted a party at anyone’s house yet though, so it’s hard to tell. Thanks so much for your kind words! I will be back for more on yours as well. 🙂


  3. I like your about page. I wish you’d explain where you came up with the name for your blog though. It sounds familiar yet not all at the same time. Also, you might want to add the “Subscribe via email” button in your widgets below so that people who are not members of WordPress.com can follow you too. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I’ve had several people ask, so I’m going to try to add a section explaining my blog name tonight (since I’m on my lunch break right now). I’ve been looking into adding that. It’s going to require rearranging my widgits or perhaps changing a theme to one that allows more widgits (my current theme allows 4 at the footer, as far as I can tell). Thank you for your continued input, it really helps. 🙂


  4. Hello Lacie,

    It’s a beautiful introduction. I also like stars in a dark night. I am glad you have explained a lot about your page now.

    I wish you very best in blogging and life 🙂



  5. Finally found another hiker! There’s so much I like here! Especially starside. I loved star gazing at night now that we’re full time RVers. We can them better in campgrounds. Takes me back to my childhood.


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  8. Lacie, thanks for visiting me and ‘liking’ Nursing Home Lament. Because of that I have found you. I enjoyed your Who wrote this page. I also like your See you at Starside title. Come see me some more. I’m clicking your follow. I’ll enjoy traveling with you.


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