Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Welcome to 2016 dear readers! If you’ve been around for a while, welcome back! If you’re new here, welcome and please jump right in!

I’m not visiting anywhere today. Instead, I would like to know where you want to go. What are some destinations you plan to visit this year? What destinations are on your bucket list? What are some places you’d like to see me write about?

I write for myself and for you. I hope to inform you, dear friends, about some places you may never have been (or even heard of) and inspire you to travel and see places and things out of the ordinary.

So please, share with me the places you love so I can share them with others. Share with me the places of your dreams so others may share that dream with you. Wherever you go, please have a safe journey.


On to the quotes!

“Listen close,” he told me, “I was once rich with life you see,           Every week ahead was certain, Every year a guarantee. But I           squandered all my seconds. I bought boredom, gambled                 greed, I lost all of my riches On the things I didn’t need. So          when the truth fell like a teardrop I was sure that I’d been              wronged, That I was robbed of all those riches, Of a life                    lavish and long. But now I see it clearly , Oh it was the                      prefect crime, For the only thief was me And the victim was          my time.” – e.h.

“She was the kind of person Who would find magic on the                ground, As though the secret to real joy Was something left          lying around. She’d pull it out of library books, Their pages            ripped and worn, And swore that she could see it In the air            before the storm. If you’re wary of believing Know I’m no              stranger to distrust, Back then all I found in library books              Was the smell of moths and dust. And despite her every                  promise That each storm holds something gold, I would                  wait for hours And all I ever caught was colds. Until she told          me through her laughter That believing is the key, You                    cannot change the way the world looks Until you change                the way you see.” – e.h.

“You wake up every night to fight the same demons that                   left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is                     bravery. ” – unknown

“She’s got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind,                    and I think it’s beautiful the way she carries herself.” –                  unknown




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