Blogging 201: Day 1 – Goals

That’s right, dear friends and neighbors. I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that I obviously didn’t have enough on my plate already so I decided to not only sign up for Writing 101 and Blogging 201, but to do them at the same time! So, please hang in there with me as I attempt to do both and still give you something that’s enjoyable to read.

Today’s Blogging 201 Assignment is to list three goals for our blog. To be honest with you, none of these are things I thought about when I first started this blog, and that’s ok. I’m trying to allow it to grow and change as it feels necessary. While I don’t really have a focus for this blog, I guess I do kind of have goals for it.

My first goal is to provide content that helps clarify my thoughts but that others can hopefully relate to. My second goal is to connect better with my audience and perhaps offer a more varied content. I keep talking about DIY’s and such, but I’ve yet to do any of them. My third goal is to be a better neighbor. I want to dedicate more time to reading the blogs of my neighbors and connecting with them.

I blog not for fame, nor for money. I blog to help clear my head. If I connect with readers, that’s awesome. If I ever begin making money from this blog, that would be welcome, but it’s not my main goal. If it just took off one night, it would probably be much the same as it is now. Being self-hosted would be nice, but only if I didn’t lose my dear neighbors (and only if the blog itself could pay the fee for being self-hosted).

What are your goals for your blog? What would you do if your blog just went viral one day?


5 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Day 1 – Goals

  1. Good blogging wishes to you on both courses nearby neighbor! I am settling in to catching up with writing course and think that if it ever went viral one day, I would just hope it was in a good way 😀 For now I enjoy seeing the different ways my neighbors interpret the tasks and prompts here.


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