Is that Thunder I hear?


It has been a few (crazy) days since I’ve posted and I’m sorry, dear neighbors! This move has me all over the place. I signed back in today and saw something encouraging though! One of my dear neighbors, the lovely Sarah C., has nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award. You can find out more about it here and here.

First, my nominations. I nominate JessyBreywhere’s happyShelby, and the turtle way.

Second, why I started this blog. I started this blog as an outlet. I’ve always been a writer whether it’s just how I feel or quotes that I can’t shake out of my head. I started it as a way to share life events and things I love with a friend who is very dear to my heart. She knows who she is and lurks on my blog when she gets the chance. We are odd friends who don’t always talk on a daily or even weekly basis. No, not even in this world of texting and facebook.

Years ago, when we were younger than we are now, neither of us had a phone and facebook didn’t exist. We relied on notes passed in between classes, instant messenger, and xanga to keep each other updated on what’s going on in our lives. This seems to be a habit we never really grew out of.

I started having a few random followers and the occasional like. I decided that if I was going to have more people following this blog, I should probably try to figure out how this blogging thing works. So, I took Blogging 101 (just recently finished) and I met some really awesome people with great words of encouragement and lots of kindness they were more than happy to share.

So, that leaves us here. I am motivated by this award to try to post more regularly on my blog, and I’m going to start a regular (I hope) feature of Wordy Wednesday that will feature some of the quotes that rattle around in my brain during the week.

Stay encouraged, dear neighbors!

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